The Thing

Being a student in Building Technology at the TU Delft has the benefit that within several courses, locations abroad are addressed and visited during the semester. The Design Informatics Technoledge Course has a strong relationship with the YAŞAR University in Izmir (Turkey) and at least three visits have already taken place.

In the spring of 2015, I joined the course and participated in the design and construction of what was later named: “the Thing”. The design is based on the principles of a Mobius Strip and can therefore be seen as an endless loop. The double curved structure was designed in Rhino and extra tools such as Grasshopper enabled a division in 50 panels which wouldn’t exceed the size of our moulds.

The flexible moulds, which can be seen on the pictures, enabled us to create the curvature of each individual panel by changing the effective length of the pins. The ribs were laser-cutted in MDF and glued together under predefined corners. After placing these rib structures on the mould, fibers and resin were applied in multiple layers which cured very fast in the sun.

By adding color to the resin, also red panels could be produced and the different (partly transparent) colors have a very nice effect on the light falling through. Finally, adding a layer of varnish and playfully flip some of the panels around led to a really great piece of street furniture in which students can lay on some pillows enjoying both sun and shadow on campus.

The entire object was eventually constructed in three parts before they were combined at its final spot. Simple nut and bolt connections with protective rubbers hold the entire structure together and the honeycomb shape of the panels incorporate a certain structural advantage. A video of the entire process can be found by clicking here

  • Project The Thing
  • Location YAŞAR University, Izmir
  • Course Design Informatics, TU Delft
  • Date April 2015