The Dynamic Pavilion | Renzo Piano Project

This design has to be able to function in many different climate zones and is therefore tested for both Singapore and Amsterdam. It has to be demountable and act as an icon for the work that UNEC does.

The design shows the flexibility of the building and how it can adjust to different climates by either staying compact or by ‘exploding’ the components which are assembled around a stiff core.

Translucent vertical rotating sun-blinds adjust their orientation regarding the path of the sun throughout the day. When closed, sunlight can still enter the building and when opened, some natural heating can be gained. A solar chimney ensures that fresh air can be pulled through the building on a natural way.

  • Project The Dynamic Pavilion
  • Location Singapore & Amsterdam
  • Course Renzo Piano Project, Delft University of Technology
  • Date June 2013