Glass & Facade Project | Casting with glass | Summer Semester 2018

The shown glass bricks are the result of the Glass & Facade Project during the summer semester of 2018 at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The course focussed on designing an all glass facade consisting of casted glass bricks. The final design of the brick has integrated an interlocking mechanism in both the vertical and horizontal direction in order to build a wall without permanent fixation. Because the designed brick is hollow, it offers the option for a medium, such as water, to be pumped through. The idea behind this is that the water can absorb the energy that is given by the sunlight in the form of heat and therefore prevent the building from overheating in summer.

In winter however, the absorbed and stored warmth can be used to pump warm water through the facade and maintain a comforatble indoor climate. Another advantage of the hollow brick is that it reduces material and therefore costs and weight. In the inevitable situation that the presented bricks break, the pieces of glass can simply be re-used and melted again to form a brand new brick.

Student: Xhuljo Sulaj

  • Project Glass & Facade Project | Glass Bricks | Casting with glass
  • Location Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Course Glass and Facade Project
  • Date July 2018