Artificial heliotropism

The ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ project within the MSc 1 Delft Seminars on Building Technology consists of redesigning an existing building to a climate machine by using these climate amenities as elements or architectural expression. in this exercise, some specific architectural, structural and climate design aspects, based on the EW&F concept, are the main guiding themes for the redesign (instead of a functional program, etc).

Through research on literature and precedents, performing calculations using computer software and making models and drawings, the student focuses on the architectural and technical possibilities of the Ventec-roof, the Solar Chimney and Climate Cascade. This results in specific design tools and forms an inspiring basis for a revitalization project.

In my individual proposal, the main focus lays on the solar chimney which is integrated in a second skin facade and the heliotropic solar panels which are integrated in this facade as well. Not only can this building provide enough energy to maintain itself, but it can also generate a surplus of energy to distribute to the surrounding buildings, which are old monumental houses in the city center of Utrecht which are therefore difficult to renovate intensively. Visitors can vertically move in this second facade via stairs, which therefore also functions as a showcase of new technology and a source of inspiration.

  • Project Artificial heliotropism
  • Location Neudeflat, Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Course Delft Seminars on Building Technology (AR1A075)
  • Date October 2014