Surname: Akerboom

First name: Robert Alexander

Degree: Master of Science (MSc)

Nationality: Dutch

Date of birth: 14th of August 1989

As a dedicated and enthusiastic engineer in the built environment I desire to spend my time by designing proposals of sustainable solutions to answer problems which exist in the built environment. With my background in building technology I have been educated to focus on the entire process, ranging from architectural concept to detailed drawings. By doing so, I enjoy working on different scale levels and cooperating with professionals in varying backgrounds and often contrasting solutions to design challenges.

My aim is to put all my energy to influence and improve the built environment according to my experiences over time. Moreover, I want to inspire and be inspired by others within this field since I believe you should always remain open-minded to other views and well founded arguments. I consider myself to be a good team player who is able to combine out-of-the-box thinking with rational decision making. I am very open-minded and eager to learn what is demanded to answer a design challenge in the best possible way.

Work Experience

Sep '13

Oct '13 - Jan '14

Nov '15 - Aug '16

Oct '16 -Feb '17

Mar '17 - Present

Mar '17 - Present

Burgy Bouwbedrijf

Delft University of Technology

Bollinger-Grohmann Ingenieure

Imagine Structure

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Until September '13, I have been doing many side jobs next to my studies since I was 16.

Functions were ranging from server to host and coaching youngsters in soccer.

As an intern at BURGY Bouwbedrijf, I was able to experience the entire process regarding renovation projects from begin to end. The main project was a 3 storey house in the historical city center of Delft.

As a student assistant within the department of Architectural Engineering & Technology I enriched and maintained a database regarding sustainable projects in the Built Environment in the Netherlands.

After graduation, I was able to do my first work as facade engineer at Bollinger-Grohmann Ingenieure in their Paris office by working on experimental facade projects in both Paris and Toronto.

Parallel to my work as researcher at the TU Darmstadt, I continued working as facade engineer at Imagine Structure in Frankfurt on a freelance basis by working on several projects in Germany.

As a researcher at the TU Darmstadt, I focus on Fused Deposition Modeling with glass.

Next to this, I was in charge of organizing the glass technology live 2018 in Düsseldorf.


Sep '01 - Jul '07

Sep '07 - Jul '09

Sep '10 - Aug '13

Feb '14 - Jul '14

Sep '13 - Jun '16

Bonaventuracollege marienpoelstraat

Delft University of Technology (BSc)

Delft University of Technology (BSc)

The University of Melbourne

Delft University of Technology (MSc)

Finished my pre-university high school degree at the Bonaventuracollege in Leiden (NL).

Subjects: Dutch, English, Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry.
Electives: Biology & Economics.

Studied Mechanical Engineering for 2 years at the faculty of Mechanical, Martime and Materials Engineering at Delft University of Technology.

Subjects: Statics, Mechanical Systems Design, Material Sciences, Linear Algebra.

Switched towards the Faculty of Architecture and finished a BSc degree in Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences at Delft University of Technology.

Included a Minor in Economics, law & management for engineers

Included a semester of Master courses in sustainable building design at the University of Melbourne.

Followed courses in Australian Architecture, Regenerating Sustainability & Architecture Studio: Moneyscraper

Finished my Master degree in Building Technology at Delft University of Technology.

Master thesis title: ‘Glass columns, exploring the potential of free standing glass columns assembled from stacked cast elements’

Courses, skills & awards

Dilit International House

Autodesk AutoCad


Autodesk Revit

Adobe InDesign


Adobe PhotoShop


Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Office


Native language

Conversation, reading and grammar

Conversation, reading and grammar

Conversation, reading and grammar

Conversation, reading and grammar